Tainan Rehab Clinic 晉安復健科診所

Physiotherapist Team


FirefoxTeacher Xi-Ming Wu


   Education: National Yang-Ming University, Physical Therapy


   Experience: Taipei Shin Kong Hospital Rehabilitation Division
         Guojun Hsinchu Hospital Rehabilitation Division
         Yukari General Hospital Rehabilitation Division
         Tainan accessible house attached Rehabilitation Division




Teacher Gui-Luen Ma


Education: Shuren Nursing and Management College, Physical Therapy

Experience: Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Rehabilitation Division

      Long Yan Rehabilitation Clinic


Teacher Ling-Min Wang


         Education: Minhui Nursing School, Nursing
          Fooyin Institute of Technology, Rehabilitation
          Jianan School of Medicine, Pharmacology
    Experience: Midland Special Education Center, Early Treatment Group         



wordpress        Teacher Hui-Fei Guo


Education: National Cheng Kung University, Physica Therapy

          Experience:Hung Surgical Hospital





   Teacher Ya-Hui Zhang

 Education: Shuren Nursing and Management College, Physical Therapy

 ExperienceHong En Rehabilitation Clinic

        St. Gong Hospital






Teacher Yu-Qing Lin

    Education: Chinese University of Medical Technology, Biotechnology

         Shuren Nursing and Management College, Physical Therapy

    Experience: Hong En Rehabilitation Clinic

         Xueming Jia Bone Surgical Clinic



Teacher Zhen-Ming Lin

Education:  Chia Nan University of Pharmacy Management, Medical Technology

        Fooyin University, Medical Management

        Shuren College of Health Care Management, Rehabilitation

 Experience:  Liu Guangxiong Hospital, Rehabilitation Division

         Wen has understanding Hospital, Rehabilitation Division

                           Shing-Li Rehabilitation Clinic  

Ren-Yi Rehabilitation Clinic    



Occupational Therapist Team



      Teacher Bo-Hong Zhuowordpress

Education: Cheng Kung University, Technical Health Care Institute Doctor

        Cheng Kung University,Occupational Therapy Master

        National Taiwan University, Occupational Therapy

       Experience: St. Raphael's Opportunity Center, Pediatric OT

                Fu-Guo Rehabilitation Clinic Pediatric OT




                 Teacher Tsi Zhao-fen


  Education: National Taiwan University,Occupational Therapy

  Experience: Yong-Kang Chi-Mei Hospital, Rehabilitation Division
         Liu-Ying Chi-Mei Hospital, Rehabilitation Division










          Teacher Yu-Shan Ho

       Education:  Cheng Kung University, Occupational Therapy






Teacher Chen-Yu Wu  

Education: Kaohsiung Medical University, Occupational Therapy

Experience: Fu-Guo Rehabilitation Clinic


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