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Speech Therapy




Communication disorders or hearing-impaired patients for congenital or acquired (including young children or adults). Through assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to help them solve or (lower) communication problems.

Patients receiving speech therapy to realize that the treatment effect is not immediate, requires patients to have patience, perseverance and therapists meet, the family also needs help, understanding and encouragement. Sometimes you want through participating physicians, school teachers, social workers, therapists and other professionals in order to reach the full treatment.

Speech Therapy Case types include:Pronunciation question (pronunciation unclear, commonly known as big tongue), voice (hoarseness, shouting over), dysphagia (difficulty eating), stuttering, aphasia (difficulty speaking after a stroke), children's language development delay, all kinds of disabilities oral communication difficulties.

Content hearing services include:Inspection and rehabilitation of hearing screening, hearing and hearing assessment examination, inner ear balance system, the hearing-impaired persons can listen to rehabilitation, hearing aid selection, cochlear assessment and rehabilitation, hearing aids of matching and consulting.


Who Needs Speech Therapy?

"Treatment" approach language therapist is through activities and exercises designed to help patients with communication or swallowing disorders, to improve their communication skills or swallowing function, so that they can more effectively communicate with others, and safety swallowing and eating, quality of life can be improved.

Speech therapy services are provided by speech therapists, treatment programs and objects include:


  • Delayed language development:The whole process of language development than the average child retardation, language comprehension and oral expression has its obstacles, mostly due to nerve disorders, mood disorders, caused by environmental factors, such as cerebral palsy, autistic tendencies, such as Down's syndrome.
  • Articulation exception:Speaking voice is incorrect or unclear, as saying the so-called "big tongue", "smelly milk stay" and so on.
  • Dysphagia:Action and coordination of the mouth and oral tongue - not closed lips, sucking infant obstacles, can not effectively chew (the main reason for non-dental problems), there is no way to the throat after chewing food; period of reflection or throat slow movement - often choked while eating, feeling swallow.
  • Aphasia:Because of the brain injury, loss of use of language skills, can not understand the meaning of others, or that others can not understand the meaning expressed by the patient, such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury and other diseases.
  •  Stuttering:Speak rhythm problems, unable to reach a fluent verbal communication, so to speak haltingly phenomenon.
  • Sound unusual:Voices different from ordinary people, including the tone, sound, volume is not normal, the most common diseases have vocal nodules, vocal polyps, laryngitis and so on.
  • Hearing impaired:If you can not hear the sound of children, or hear only part of the sound, the use of voice and articulation organs to learn correct speech will have difficulty understanding and spoken language are likely to be affected.
  • Cerebral Palsy:Because brain barrier, resulting in muscle activity can not properly control and coordination, especially in the lips, tongue, mouth and other organs, resulting in abnormal or there dysarthria dysphagia phenomenon. Some patients can not use oral expression, the therapist will help the development of other means of communication.
  • Cleft lip and palate:That is part of the oral presentation cracked lip and palate, resulting in dysarthria and nasal overweight.
  • Laryngectomy by:Because laryngeal or accidental injury, the surgical removal of the throat and vocal cords, causing permanent speechless, you need help speaking or "esophagus language" to make oral communication.


Speech Therapy Environment Introduction


Every time my child enters the carefully arranged speech therapy classroom, she would say "wow"!

The well-furnished classrooms are great for children. With the teacher's care,parents can be at ease.    ~Meng's Mom

Offering a warm, friendly and professional speech therapy classroom with computer equipment and speech therapy software


Speech Theraprists


郭惠斐王靜純 治療師

Speech Therapist JingChung Wong