Tainan Rehab Clinic 晉安復健科診所

Welcome to Tainan Rehab Clinic

Jinan Rehabilitation Clinic sincerely welcomes you. We provide a complete department including: physical therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric therapy and speech therapy additional sections include art therapy, music therapy and dance therapy.

We provide Medical Center standard equipments and services to correspond your needs.


Latest News

  • ptfull

    Physical Therapy

    The bright space

  • otfull

    Occupational therapy area

    Pediatric occupational therapy space

  • stfull

    Language classroom

    Adults and children all love the language classroom

Clinic News

Speech therapy appointments... please contact front desk

Speech therapy staff recruiting, applicants ...please contact front desk

Pediatric and occupational therapy appointment ... please contact desk

Clinic Address

Tainan City, East District, Chongshan Road, No. 670  
(next to Pxmart)
v With Private Parking Lot



+  E-MAIL  : tainanrehab@gmail.com


Occasional Health Education Classroom

Tainan Rehab Clinic occasionally organizes health education classrooms, regestration limited, feel free to sign up!

The clinic equipped teaching hospital grade digital X-ray machine, musculoskeletal ultrasound instrument, laser vein stroke prevention ...